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Some call it destiny, others call it chance. The truth is that Art joined the paths of our co-founders, Alex Lipzer and Sonia Sánchez, to give life to the 5976 Art Gallery. Passionate about contemporary art and eager to break boundaries, 5976 Art Gallery was born with a single goal.

The goal is and will always be to fill all empty walls with quality art, enriched with color, textures and experiences. No more empty walls is their motto. And all this, because Art is much more than a single word... it is an amazing world in itself.

We invite you to immerse yourself in that world with the help of 5976 Art Gallery.

5976 Art Gallery

Sonia Sánchez


A Lawyer for many years and a secret art student for even longer. A tireless traveler and nature lover.


These ingredients make Sonia an artist with an elevated sensitivity and brilliant colors shining in her works.


Her murals are gifting additional life to many buildings and private homes around South Florida in the US and Madrid, Spain.


No one can remain indifferent to her.


With her dazzling smile, Sonia faces this new challenge of bringing art within the reach of anyone.


With energy to spare, and a deep desire … the wind always blows in her favor


“Forward with the wind behind, no one will make her stop.”

by Sonja New B&W_Photo__IMG_0826.png
Alex Lipzer___IMG_8948 copy.jpg

Alex Lipzer


An entrepreneur by nature,  tireless. His gifted talent for sales have led him countless times to successful businesses.


Lover of abstract art and passionate about Miami’s art culture Alex launched  this new venture associated with his partner Sonia Sánchez to bring art’s color and textures to all living environments around the planet.


“Nothing is imposible” is his motto, and “No fear of anything “ his anthem.

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