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Maxim Lipzer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maxim Lipzer_edited.jpg

Maxim Lipzer its a plastic artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He traveled to the United States as a teenager and by age 23  he had started his professional art career.

His works can be found in many galleries and art events in the United States.

Maxim Lipzer’s work captures the moment when matter, emotion and skill become one, highlighting the possibilities and challenges of the medium itself. Rescuing mysteries over certainties.

Offering results that are felt, more than understood.

Exhibit Selection:

2014 - Mac Fine Art. Miami, Fl. EEUU.

2011 – Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2008 – Agalma Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007 – Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, Francia

2006 – Mac Fine Art, Miami, Fl. EEUU.

2004 – Frederick Clement Gallery, New York, NY. EEUU | 15 - 3265 - 9165